How to use Selection Tools in illustrator

The Selection tool (V) always selects entire objects.

Like if you have made anyone object star, squire, triangle, oval or circle etc. And whenever you want to select any object from them by using this Selection tool (V) the entire object will be selected instead of its parts separately…

The Direct Selection tool (A) selects points or path segments within objects. See Select paths, segments, and anchor points.

Select paths, segments, and anchor points You want to select anchor points, segments, or a combination of both before you rebuild or edit a path. Select anchor points Do any of the following: To pick them, hit them with the Direct Selection tool to display the points. Press (Shift-click) to select multi-points.

Choose the Direct Selection+ Tool and drag a boundary all over the anchor points. Shift-drag around selecting additional anchor points. From selected or unselected paths, you can select Anchor points. Move the Direct Selection tool over the anchor point until the pointer displays a hollow square for unselected and filled square in the magnified state for selected paths, and then click the Anchor point.

The Group Selection tool selects groups and objects. Group Selection tool for selecting objects and groups.

The Tool (Y) for Magic Wand selects objects with similar attributes. See The Magic Wand tool for selecting objects.

The Lasso tool (Q) selects segments of the points or path within objects. See The Lasso tool for selecting objects.

Select segments of path Select the Direct+ Selection tool and click within two-segment pixels, or drag a marquee over part of the segment. Shift-click or Shift-drag to select additional segments of the path. 
Select the Lasso tool, and drag around the segment of the path. Shift-drag around selecting additional path segments.

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