How to hide blue tick from others on WhatsApp?

Here you will learn the complete procedure that how to hide blue ticks from others on WhatsApp


Once you See this screen Tap on Settings.

here we are telling you by using Business WhatsApp that how to hide blue ticks from your WhatsApp app. Tap on Account.

Once you see this screen tap on Privacy.

After taping on Privacy you will see this screen. Here you will see Read receipts with already enabled with green color. This is the main button that will hide blue ticks from others on WhatsApp. Only disable it on taping its left side and it will be disabled and now you have set you blue ticks from others to let not see them either you have seen their messages or not.

Finally, it has been done and like this screen, you will see. Once you see like this it means you have done your task successfully.

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